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Shoulder & Elbow Specialist Dr. Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD


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The orthopaedic surgeon Dr. H. Georgousis, MD, PhD is exclusively specialized in shoulder and elbow surgery. As a shoulder and elbow specialist, emphasizes on the treatment of degenerative and sports diseases and injuries of the upper limb.

Treatment of shoulder and elbow problems sometimes include total or partial arthroplasty of the shoulder and elbow (artificial joint / endoprotheses)

He applies the most modern open and arthroscopic surgical methods with the latest medical equipment and materials.


In the continuous evolution of shoulder and elbow surgery, Dr. Georgousis and his team are actively involved through multiple scientific activities.



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Top Medical Specialists 2021 FOCUS Ärzteliste

Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Specialist, Dr. H. Georgousis, MD, PhD


According to the German magazine FOCUS in its annual evaluation (since 2006) for Medical specialists (FOCUS Ärzteliste 2021) Dr. Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD is continuously ranking among the best Shoulder Surgery and Elbow Surgery Specialists in Germany.

This evaluation was based on a questionnaire answered by doctors, patients and physiotherapists. The scientific training and activities of the doctor are also taken into account.

SESEC - Teaching Center for Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons

Dr. Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD


Dr. Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD has been certified by SESEC /ESSES (European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and The Elbow) with European Certification of Shoulder & Elbow Surgeons (ECSES) and has been recognized as an official SESEC -Teaching Center for Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons.

The shoulder - a wonderful joint

Dr. Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD  Private Practice Dusseldorf, Germany