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Department of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and Sportsmedicine

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The department of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and Sportsmedicine was founded in 1996 as one of Germany's first independent Departments exclusively specialized in shoulder and elbow diseases. Since then, it has been a reference center for these disorders. From day one till today, Dr. H. Georgousis, MD, PhD is constantly being the head of the department.

The clinic has a specialized diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum and is of national importance, thanks to the designated scientific  areas of focus.

We treat patients with all modern open and arthroscopic procedures and techniques. This also includes shoulder and elbow joint replacements /endoprosthesis  in case of joint wear, degenerative arthritis , accident, or inflammatory joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Due to the exclusive specialization of the clinic on shoulder and elbow surgery, a significant number of the operations performed are revision surgeries for pre-treated shoulder or elbow joints, i.e., corrective operations in cases where the initial surgical treatment was not successful.

Certified quality

According to the German magazine FOCUS in its annual evaluation (since 2006) for Medical Specialists (FOCUS Ärzteliste 2021) Dr. Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD is continuously ranking among the best Shoulder Surgery and Elbow Surgery Specialists in Germany.
This evaluation was based on a questionnaire answered by doctors, patients and physiotherapists. The scientific training and activities of the surgeon are also taken into account.

St. Josef Hospital is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and Sports Medicine clinic has also been awarded for the quality of the services provided and the transparency of its statistics (detailed recording of the number of surgical procedures, surgical techniques, complications) by the MedFührer "Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie".

Consultations / Outpatient Clinic

For the assessment and diagnosis of your condition, you need a personal appointment. You can make an appointment by telephone or via the web form. At the examination date, please bring all relevant existing examination findings, surgical reports, and any current imaging diagnostics such as X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI images), CT scan images, etc. These can be presented in print format or preferably digitally (CD/DVD).

If you do not have current X-ray diagnostics, we can carry out these examinations in the clinic (DIAVERO Diagnostic Centre). Please consider the extra time needed in your schedule.
Even with X-ray images brought along, additional images or other special examinations (MRI-Scans, CT-Scans, etc.) may be necessary to make an exact diagnosis.

Dr. H. Georgousis offers consultation hours only by appointment:

  1. A fee-based (according to GOÄ) consultation hour is conducted by Dr. H. Georgousis MD PhD
  2. Consultation hours only by appointment, via telephone, or via the webform


Operations / Surgical  Treatment (inpatient or day clinic):

Cost coverage of operations / surgical Treatment as an inpatient or as a day clinic case as well the coverage of optional services (e.g., 1- or 2-bed room, choice of head physician, etc.) can be found in your health insurance contract or inquired at your health insurance company.

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Essen, Germany
St. Josef Hospital

Klinik für Schulter- & Ellenbogenchirurgie, Sportmedizin

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Dr. med. H. Georgousis
Klinik für Schulter- & Ellenbogenchirurgie, Sportmedizin
St. Josef Krankenhaus
Heidbergweg 22-24
D-45257 Essen – Kupferdreh

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