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Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD
Exclusively specialized in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Sports Medicine

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The orthopedic practice in Thessaloniki has been operating since 1998. It is the first exclusively specialized orthopedic practice for shoulder and elbow disorders in Greece. Since then, it has been a reference center for these cases.

Since 2002 the private practice has been housed in new premises. The modern equipment of the practice includes an ultrasound system that ensures an accurate diagnosis of soft tissue disorders (e.g., rupture of tendons or muscles) helping on deciding upon the appropriate treatment, conservative or surgical. The equipment also helps monitoring the patient's post-operative course.

The doctor’s office in Thessaloniki serves patients from all over northern Greece and the Balkans.

The surgical operations are performed at the Inter-Balkan Medical Center Thessaloniki being supported by an experienced team of collaborators.

For the treatment of shoulder and elbow disorders, all modern surgical techniques are applied, open or arthroscopic, depending on the indications in each case.

Joint replacements (arthroplasties) either toal or partial  are also performed to treat problems caused by accidents, degenerative changes, or rheumatic diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis).

Due to the exclusive specialization of Dr. H. Georgousis, MD, PhD in Shoulder and Elbow surgery, a significant number of the operations performed are revision surgeries for pre-treated shoulder or elbow joints. These are corrective operations in cases where the initial surgical treatment was unsuccessful.

According to the German magazine FOCUS in its annual evaluation (since 2006) for Medical Specialists (FOCUS Ärzteliste 2021), Dr. Harris Georgousis MD, PhD is continuously ranking among the best Shoulder Surgery and Elbow Surgery Specialists.

The personalized post-operative rehabilitation by as well specialized physiotherapist-partners contributes decisively to a complete and rapid recovery of the patient as well as a successful post-operative result.

The examination of your problem and the diagnosis of your condition can be made by personal appointment. You can make an appointment via telephone or via the web form.

At the examination date, please bring all relevant existing examination findings, surgical reports, and any current imaging diagnostics such as X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI-Scans), CT Scans, etc. These can be presented in print format or preferably digitally (CD/DVD).

The practice is not contracted with any health insurance plans, and it operates by appointment only.

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Thessaloniki, Greece
Private Practice

Dr. Harris Georgousis, MD, PhD
Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Sports Medicine

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